Brookside Park

Our apartments are literally across the street from the spacious and beautiful Brookside Park, an excellent feature for families or relaxing alone on the weekends. The park features scenic views over a cultivated garden, a serene brook, several small but beautiful bridges, a large field, a baseball diamond, and three playgrounds for children. Brookside Park is a gathering place for friends and families and serves as an excellent companion to our comfortable accommodations.

The staring point for many parades, Brookside Park is a cultural center of Bloomfield, New Jersey, and is an outstanding resource of our tenants. Whether you have children are looking for a place for them to play, or just want a quiet, rural area to get away from the hustle and bustle, Brookside Park is perfect for you.

The park features several open areas, benches, a gazebo, baseball field, and a small brook.

Perfect for children, the park is a safe place to play, featuring three different playgrounds.

In addition to the convinience of Brookside Park, nearby Foley Field (less than a mile away) features an even larger area, firework shows, parades, and a skate park.

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